The HealthclarityRx Direct Pharmacy Care Management (DPCM) Program delivers the entire life-cycle of Rx benefits, pharmacy network development and management to hospitals, health systems, independent pharmacies and employers. The product incorporates in-patient and out-patient pharmacy, specialty, mail-order services and disease management services – all under your hospital, health system, independent pharmacy or corporate brand.  The product promotes your network, your facilities and your providers as preferred, using financially incentivized plan designs.  The product is marketed jointly by both Healthclarity and your network affiliates. The combination of pharmacy program management experience, state of the art technology and leveraged pricing opportunity allows your network a competitive advantage in the regional market.

DPCM | Pharmacy-Centric Network Development

We will help you turn your Rx challenges into opportunities. As pharmacies you are uniquely positioned to build a direct-to-employer pharmacy benefit from the ground up. We can help facilitate that by providing expertise in discount pricing, shared savings and wholesale acquisition management, formulary customization, and DPCM development solutions. We will help you improve your organization’s financial performance, while providing a pharmacy network that will keep your community healthier and happier. Healthclarity will assist in:

  • Direct pharmacy care management (DPCM) program
  • Branded comprehensive population health management or PHM “gap-fill” program
  • Increase traffic & dispensing to in-house pharmacies
  • Control pricing in retail
  • Leverage in-house pricing
  • Specialty, limited distribution drugs (LDD) & Direct-to-Manufacturer
  • Mail Order
  • Courier logistics for physician-administered drugs: including infusion center, hospice, SNF & LTC
  • Inventory and procurement management

What We Do

Healthclarity uses a disintermediation approach to redesigning the Rx supply chain. We use a pharmacy driven, supply side  PBM model. This model returns clinical and economic control to pharmacies removing the need for traditional mechanisms in facilitating access to prescription drugs and pharmacy services.

Who We Are

Healthclarity specializes in helping hospital, health system and independent pharmacies redesign the Rx supply chain.  We are a pharmacy care services firm solely focused on the financing, reimbursement and delivery of Rx and pharmacy services. We provide service to a wide array of pharmacy operators ranging from hospitals and health systems to
independents and  provider-directed service networks.

Ryan Paul Liabenow

Ryan Paul is the founder and CEO of Healthclarity. He brings over 15 years of executive experience having led national provider and payer organizations. Ryan Paul brings a diverse background in managed care and is now working to pave the way for a ‘new generation’ approach to drug management.