Physician Administered Drugs

Physician Administered Drugs

Management of specialty drugs under the medical plans often requires dealing with additional layers of complexity and costs and can further drive up spending, particularly when drugs can be adjudicated under hospital and health system discount pricing and sharing savings.

Hospitals and health systems have the ability to significantly decrease the cost of physician-administered drugs for their employee and community health plans by leveraging their internal pricing. Instead of a traditional PBM, through our disintermediation model, hospitals utilize a their own branded pharmacy care management program allowing the hospital to control the formulary, how and where medications are dispensed—and therefore has the ability to remove the significant mark-ups that happen within a physicians office.

Healthclarity provides the tools and resources necessary to transition the dispensing of physician administered drugs through your hospital-specialty pharmacy including:

  • Financial Analysis

  • Clinical evaluation and formulary

  • AFHS recommendations

  • Physician communication

  • Physician referral and acceptance contracts

  • Delivery and courier logistics

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